June 24, 2021


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How to start your day.



Hi everybody! My name is Yawar Ganie, and welcome back to Tristudy.com Today’s topic is How to start your day. So let’s go!

when we wake up after a long sleep of six hours, after the body get relaxed and refreshed. When our mind is totally free from day stresses. This is the time when dreams come to true. This is the time to think about your future. This is the time when you see the path towards your goals. when the sun rise and you look on it, the first raise of the sun falls on you .It gives the feeling of confidence and what you think at this time you do that confidently. It remains in your mind on the whole day. You will work hard for your goals. You become energetic on the whole day because you have started your day with confidence.

start your day.
  1. Set an alarm. The first key to waking up earlier is forcing yourself to take those first steps.
  2. Move up gradually.
  3. Ask a friend to keep you honest.
  4. Make your bed.
  5. Rely on caffeine.
  6. Take a cold shower.
  7. Eat a healthy breakfast.
  8. Start with a workout.

Every person in this world has certain goals. Every person want to succed in the world. But their is something that become barrier in between you and your goals. The only barier in your life is the lack of confidence. You are not confident about your goals. This is all about human behaviour, thinking and mentality. what happen if we do something and we will not get the reward? what if we open a new bussiness and it gets failled? All these questions when rise into our mind and thus giving rise to lack of confidence to do get your goal.

when you start to get a goal, there are only two possibilities either you get your goal or you fail. But every time when fail we have the lack of confidence ,we think we couldn’t do this. we do not have the capability to get my goal and we give up. But there is one most important thing you are missing out other than the winner, that you are getting experiance of learning mistakes that you are lacking off. Next time you do the same thing you will not repeat it . you will get confidence more and more. because you are learning from your mistakes.Don”t give up be a learner and learn what you have nearby.

  1. Get Up Just One Minute Earlier (Each Day) .
  2. Motivate Yourself by Chasing Small Wins.
  3. Use Peer Pressure to Wake Up On Time.
  4. Manipulate Your Environment to Make Waking Up Easier.
  5. Troubleshoot Your Faulty Morning Wake-Up Routine.
  6. Give Yourself an Irresistible Reason to Wake Up Early.

Set your goals for the day when you wake up early in the morning. Morning time is the time of setting the goals. Morning time is the time to get confidence. Morning time is the time to give energy to your whole day. Set your goals for the day , work on your goals and you will be succeeded no matter what will happen. Write down the the goals on note pad for the day in morning and check these out at the at the evening what is rate rate of percentage you are going close to your goals.

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