June 23, 2021


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Arrays in Javascript

Arrays in Javascript

Arrays in Javascript

In JavaScript, exhibit is a solitary variable that is utilized to store various components. It is frequently utilized when we need to store rundown of components and access them by a solitary variable. Dissimilar to most dialects where cluster is a reference to the numerous variable, in JavaScript exhibit is a solitary variable that stores different components.

JavaScript can hold a variety of factors in an Array object. In JavaScript, an exhibit likewise works as a rundown, a stack or a line.

To characterize an exhibit, either utilize the sections documentation or the Array object documentation:


We can utilize the sections [] administrator to address a particular cell in our cluster. Tending to utilizations zero-based records, so for instance, in myArray the second part can be tended to with list 1. One of the advantages of utilizing a cluster datastructure is that you have steady time turn upward, on the off chance that you definitely know the record of the component you are attempting to get to.

Arrays in JavaScript are sparse, meaning that we can also assign variables to random locations even though previous cells were undefined. For example:

Will print out:

Array Elements

Since JavaScript Arrays are simply uncommon sorts of items, you can have components of various kinds put away together in a similar exhibit. The model beneath is a cluster with a string, a number, and a vacant article.

Declaration of an Array

There are basically two ways to declare an array.

But generally method 1 is preferred over the method 2. Let us understand the reason for this

Initialization of an Array
Example (for Method 1):

Example (for Method 2):