June 24, 2021


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Objects in Javascript

Objects in Javascript

Objects in Javascript

JavaScript is a functional language that uses both objects and functions for object-oriented programming, but objects are usually used as a data structure, similar to a Python dictionary or a Java map. We’ll learn how to use objects as a data structure in this tutorial. More about object oriented JavaScript is explained by the advanced tutorials. Use curly braces for initializing an object:

Member addressing

Using the bracket operator[], object members can be handled, much like arrays, but like many other object-oriented languages, the duration. It is also possible to use the driver. They are very similar, except that brackets return a member using a string, unlike the period operator, which demands that the member be a simple word (the word should not include spaces, start).

Iteration in javascript

Iterating over members of a dictionary is not a trivial task, since iterating over objects can also yield members who don’t actually belong to an object. Therefore, we must use the hasOwnProperty method to check that the member in fact belongs to the object

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Note that JavaScript object methods have a fixed order, such as arrays.